Monday, 4 June 2012

Welcome & Disclaimers

So, I'm quite new to the blogiverse, having just stumbled upon the wonderfulness of food blogging less than two months ago. It was a great thing I did, because at the time I was struggling with figuring out what types of foods agreed and disagreed with me, and I was really missing eating anything and everything I wanted like I used to. But, I found I could take great pleasure by simply looking at what others had created, even if I could no longer eat it myself. Anyway, even though I always maintained that I would never be one to write a blog, (I'm too private of a person-and a little nervous about posting personal info online) I somehow found myself keying into google 'how to start a food blog,' because really food blogging is more about the food than about me, right? It wasn't long before I was setting up an account, if only to save the domain name for myself for a later date, incase I ever changed my mind. More on the reasoning behind the name later. Well a short couple of weeks later, and that later date had come upon me. I guess it really isn't that far fetched of an idea. I love to cook/bake, I really enjoy writing and I like taking pictures (although as you will soon see, I don't excel at this job requirement, as most of my pictures are just taken from my iphone camera, and I don't have the proper set-up/lighting/camera/props to product very decent photos. And because I'm really thrifty, I probably will never spend any money on this aspect of the blog either.) So, this blog is going to be more about the food and less about the pictures. Good, now that that is out of the way, time for another disclaimer...

When I first starting looking at people's blogs, I found myself rapidly copying down all these amazing recipes that I just had to try. Well, for better or for worse, in a very short time, I found my Recipes folder on my computer containing nearly 1500 recipes. Yes, I guess I got a little bit carried away. I'll have to live until I'm 500 years old in order to find the time to sample all these recipes (and I'll probably end up weighing 500lbs as well), but I'm going to give it a go. The only problem is, I've copied down so many recipes that I wish to try, but because I never really had any intention of blogging myself, I never copied down where I got all these recipes from. Making it impossible for me to credit others for their recipes. Thus, I'm just going to write a general disclaimer here that I for the most part when baking do not create my own recipes as that is beyond my level of expertise. Instead I take a recipe that looks good and make it according to my family's taste and diet restrictions. Sometimes this means the recipe is followed exactly, other times not so much. Just a word to the wise then, most recipes that I will be showing are not of my own creation, and I thank the various people/companies/organizations for which gave me their amazing recipes. Nevertheless, I will not be taking credit for devising recipes that are not my own. That being said, I will be posting some of my own creations or family creations (they just will not be in the baking section. I experiment more with cooking because it's less easy to screw up.)

Now that that's over with, just a couple more thing about why my food journey started. One of the things I have to thank is this wonderful machine...

You wouldn't believe how exiting it was to unpack my Green Machine from its box. Mainly because its GREEN, and I'm sure you can see that I'm only a little obsessed with the colour green. (I don't own a green purse, phone case, shoes, see where I'm going here?.) I often say that the only marketing technique you need for me is to add some lime green to the product. After unpacking this baby I made cookies then bread then bread again with this wonderful thing. It just seemed too perfect. Alas it was, because after only a week of use it broke. A fight with the store I purchased it at later, and the Green Machine was on its way back to where malfunctioning kitchen appliances go.

Enter in this machine...

While it does not have a name (because if I'm being perfectly honest, I hate naming inanimate objects such as cars, mixers, etc. The green mixer was just begging for it though, sorry), nor is it as amazing of  a colour (because colours on this style were limited), I still love my new toy. And, I have to admit that it does a much better job than the green mixer did, simply because it is so insanely huge! I love it, as does the family (who incidentally demanded cinnamon buns and then proceeded to devour the mega-batch in oh, about 24 hours. Only to then say the batch wasn't good, something was wrong with them and I should try make another batch to see if I could 'correct' the mistakes. Aren't they slick?). While others are already saying "stop", as they can see where this amount of baking can go...straight to the hips.

Who knows where this journey will take me? Probably to some sleepless nights, sugar highs and more crunches, but oh well. I've never really had a hobby that I was passionate about, but I think I might have just found it. So stay tuned for what I hope will become a much better food blog (practice makes perfect right?), although I can't tell you that I will ever go the way of the 5 star, chef inspired food blogs. I'm more of the family friendly, budget conscious type. Hey, I too have gone through the picky eater stage, and maybe still am going through, the verdicts still out on that one. 

It may not be the best blog you'll ever lay eyes on but that's okay. At this point in time, blogging  is going to be more for me than for anybody else. If you want to follow this journey with me, I'd be happy to have you along for the ride, but please bear in mind that currently this is more a way for me to keep track of what I have made and how it worked or didn't work, for my own future and personal reference. A sort of gallery if you must. Nevertheless, I'd love to have you be a part of this as well. I think I've now managed to get all my rambling out of the way, leaving the next posts open for a more food directed discussion, because isn't that the whole point of this thing? 

Thanks for stopping by-E

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