Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Ahh, another item that is green. The obsession continues. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Yes, those are in fact green martinis. No, it is not in the proper type of glass. Unfortunately, after getting everything out and ready to make martinis, I realized that we don't in fact have any martini glasses. I guess I could have just pulled out the margarita glasses, but I figured I should save those for another time. So, that is the story behind my incorrect use of glassware. Moving on now...

You can easily increase the amount of juice in this drink to make this more like a cooler than a martini (if you aren't keen on a strong drink, or you just want it to last longer.) I like this because I'm not big on carbonated drinks and so I find most coolers too bubbly. With this drink you get the fruity flavour, without feeling like you've downed something really heavy.

When testing out combinations for this drink I started with the goal of making a sour apple martini. Instead of using apple juice, I used fresh squeezed lemon juice and let me tell you it most definitely lived up to the name of a sour martini. Maybe next time I'll try use lemonade instead, but I think that may take away from the apple flavour. So as it stands, this is an appletini recipe. Quite possibly the sour apple recipe will follow at a later date once I perfect it, so stay tuned.


Makes: 2 Drinks


3 oz Sour Puss Apple
1 oz Citrus Vodka
3 oz Apple Juice


~Measure out alcohol into a shaker filled with ice.

~Shake and strain into a glass.


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