Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chicken Pot Pies (Dairy Free)

These were quite a bit of work because we had nothing prepared ahead of time and we made the pastry from scratch. You could buy some pre made pastry sheets or use some leftover chicken and veggies from the previous nights dinner to take out a few of these steps. But, the homemade pastry was so worth it. It may not have been pretty (I've only ever made pastry one other time and that was years ago) but it was so incredibly flakey and delicious. I've not ever been a pie lover, it's something I'll eat but it's typically not the first (or second) thing I'd pick for dessert, but I now know why. When the pastry tastes like this, pie is so worth eating.

Pastry recipe is the one off the Tenderflake box.

Makes 5 individual ramekins and 1 regular sized pie


1/2 Recipe of Pastry
             5 1/2 C. Flour
             2 Tsp. Salt
             1 lb Tenderflake Lard
             1 Egg
             1 Tbsp. Vinegar
             Up to 1 C. Water

6 Chicken Breasts
1/2 Tsp Poultry Seasoning

3 Carrots, peeled and diced
4 Medium Potatoes, peeled and diced
1 1/2 C. Frozen Peas

1 Tbsp. Butter
1 Large Onion, diced
4 Cloves Garlic, minced
5 C. Chicken Broth
5 Tbsp. Flour
1 Tsp. Salt
1 Tsp. Poultry Seasoning

1 Egg


~Make pastry
        ~Stir together flour and salt
        ~Cut in the lard until you get pea sized pieces
        ~In a measuring cup whisk the egg, add in the vinegar and top up with cold water to a total of 1 C.
        ~Stir the water mixture into flour mixture, adding a bit at a time and only add enough to make the dough cling together
        ~Gather dough into balls.
        ~Dough can be refrigerated if not ready to be used right away (just pull out at least 30 min. before rolling) - don't roll dough until you are ready for it at the end as it won't come off of the counter once it is left for awhile and warms up
        ~You'll only need about half of this recipe, so reserve the rest in the fridge or freezer for later projects.

~Season chicken breasts with salt, pepper and seasoning and bake in oven until almost cooked entirely. 
~Allow chicken to cool slightly and cut into cubes.
~Cut carrots & potatoes. Place carrots and peas in one pot and potatoes in another and cook until tender. Drain.
~In a large saucepan melt the butter and saute the onions until golden on medium-high. Near the end, add in the garlic and cook.
~Add in 4 cups of the chicken broth, reserving the remaining 1 cup, stir and lower temperature to medium.
~Pour the 1 cup of broth into a mug and whisk in the flour 1 tbsp at a time until all lumps are gone. Add into the saucepan, whisking constantly.
~Season with poultry seasoning and continue to whisk until mixture thickens. Remove from heat.
~Preheat oven to 425 F
~Grease the dishes.
~In a large bowl combine chicken cubes, carrots, peas & potatoes. Pour in the sauce and mix to distribute.
~Scoop mixture into dishes.
~Coat top lip of dish with a bit of egg wash.
~Roll out pastry on a floured surface and lay over top of each mixture filled dish. Trim edges and press to seal around edges.
~Brush top of pasty with egg.
~Bake for 40-45 minutes or until pastry is golden.


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