Tuesday, 27 January 2015


This is the meal I was talking about that allowed me to get to eat Hollandaise Sauce at a restaurant, and so I had to make it at home. It's great for leftover meat and potatoes, just fry up some veggies and add potatoes and shred the leftover meat. Ham, chicken, pulled pork, you name it, it works. I haven't listed quantities of ingredients because it really depends on how much leftovers you have. I just eyeball it and go from there, but I usually end up making it in a stock pot because my normal large pot isn't big enough. We eat this for dinner, but the restaurant served it for breakfast.


Onion, diced
Bell Peppers, diced
Mushrooms, diced
Hot Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Potatoes, cooked and cubed
Meat, cut into bite sizes pieces or shredded
Steak Spice


~In large frying pan or pot, heat oil and add onions, season with hot sauce & Worcestershire Sauce and cook until translucent
~Add in mushrooms and bell peppers and continue to saute
~Add in potatoes and meat.
~Stir gently and allow to heat through.
~Season with salt, pepper, steak spice and addition hot sauce or Worcestershire to taste.
~Serve with Hollandaise Sauce to top


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