Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Crispy Cheesy Tortilla Bites

This is about the simplest thing you could ever hope to make. I always love grilled cheeses. Now I know most people thing that means a cheese sandwich (two pieces of bread around a centre of cheese) that has been fried up in a pan. Yeah, that is a grilled cheese, but that is a lot of work. What I'm talking about is a grilled cheese under the broiler. One piece of bread with cheese broiled on top until it is bubbly and potentially going crunchy (especially good if using mozzarella cheese because it gets this beautiful golden, crispy top on it that has amazing flavour). But it's not exactly the healthiest thing. Just a hunk of bread and cheese. So I decided to try this.

I kind of stumbled upon it by accident. I had thrown a tortilla into the oven with some stuff on it to heat it up and the tortilla bypassed heating up and went straight to being crispy in the time it took for the toppings to warm up. I ended up having made my own tortilla chips. What was even better was I have just recently found a brand of wraps that uses a half flour, half corn mix, so you get the best of both worlds. The flexibility and agility of a flour tortilla, and the amazing flavour of a corn one. So, it tasted pretty good and I just about dumbed the toppings off of this wrap so I could eat the tortilla all by itself with some salsa.

So the next day I decided to just do a tortilla under the broiler but as I was about to put it in the oven I had another idea. I always love things with a fine sprinkling of cheese that has been baked until it is crispy (like a pizza pretzel or cheese stick), so I decided to grate a very small amount of cheese over top of the wrap and presto, I had greatness. The key here is to have minimal cheese. You want just enough to get the flavour of some crispy cheese, but too much and you will get a lot of grease coming out of the cheese which will prevent the cheese and the tortilla from crispy up. If in doubt, use less. These are basically just nachos but using a soft tortilla instead of tortilla chips. Same difference, it just tastes really good. It's almost too easy to be posting, but I'm posting it for my benefit so I can remember it and make it again.

Serves 1


1 Flour & Corn Tortilla (I'm sure either or would work also)
1/8-1/4 C. Shredded Cheddar Cheese


~Place oven on broil.
~Sprinkle grated cheese over one side of a tortilla.
~Broil until cheese has bubbled and the tortilla is crispy. 1-2 minutes. But make sure to watch it closely as it can burn very quickly.
~Cut into manageable triangles and serve with salsa.


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