Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Trifle

This isn't like any other trifle out there, and because of that, I don't particularly like any other trifle out there. This one has no alcohol in it (so it's kid friendly for your Christmas Dessert), and it does not use custard. Honestly, it's probably one of my favourite things in the world which may surprise some because it has no chocolate (or lemon) in it. But, just to prove my last statement, I want to support it with some evidence. Every Boxing Day, my mom and I pull out the leftovers and that's our breakfast. Healthy, well maybe not, as my dad likes to point out every time we do this. But really, considering what we just ate on Christmas morning (cinnamon buns, french toast, bacon and sausages), I think we're cutting back and making good healthy decisions, because hello, there's actually fruit in this!

As good as this is though, I've never even considered making it any other time of the year. It is Christmas Dinner Dessert, that's all! Only problem was this year, my Mom suggested maybe we didn't need it. Of course we didn't need it, but did we want it? Yes! What was I supposed to eat for breakfast the next day if we didn't have it.

About a week ago the radio station that I listen to was asking people if they shared their recipes. I was actually surprised with the feedback they received. Most people replied with a blunt No Way! I guess I'm thankful and very appreciative of the blogging world for doing what they do then. If I was to be like those people and not give out that special family recipe, this would probably be one of them, but alas, I'm not like them so I'll share it with you guys.

This to me will always be my mom's recipe, but she actually got it from a girl she used to work with who would bring it in for the staff.

Serves 15-18


1 Angel Food Cake (box mix, homemade or from the grocery store, it doesn't matter)
2 (102g) Pkg. Instant Vanilla Pudding
4 C. Milk
2 C. Heavy Cream 
1/2 Tsp. Vanilla
2 Tsp. Icing Sugar
2-3 C. Raspberries (frozen work better as they melt and contribute their juices)
7-8 Kiwi, sliced
1-2 Bananas, sliced


~Make (or buy your angel food cake) and allow enough time for it to cool completely
~In a large bowl, combine pudding mixes and milk and whisk until thickened
~In bowl of mixer, combine the cream, vanilla and sugar and whip on highest speed until cream is whipped (first time for me using my KA to do this, wow it's fast and amazing)
~In a very large bowl (I use a big chip bowl) place bite sized angel food cake chunks until you get an even layer that covers the bottom of the bowl. As you layer, make sure you are leaving yourself enough of each ingredient for the next layer as well.
~Scoop the pudding overtop the cake and spread out.
~Top with whipped cream and spread.
~Scatter the sliced kiwi, banana and raspberries (you want to put all of your banana in this layer because it will be protected from the air and so it won't brown like it would if it was on top).
~Repeat layers: cake, pudding, whipped cream.
~Smooth the whipped cream out nicely as this is the top of your trifle.
~Adorne with the remaining fruit in a decorative design (or just throw it on if that suits you better).

If you had enough ingredients and a deep enough bowl, you could go for three layers, but I never have the room for that.


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