Thursday, 25 October 2012

Carved Pumpkin Cake

For those of you who are excited that the fall classic of pumpkin flavoured everything has finally grown on me, well I'm sorry to disappoint you. For those few people out there like me who really don't want pumpkin loaf, or pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread, etc. but still want a hint of fall, then keep reading.   Because this post is only made to look pumpkin, and isn't actually pumpkin flavoured. But if you were desperately in need of pumpkin flavour, I guess in a pinch you could make some sort of pumpkin cake instead of the regular white cake I used. Don't ask me how, I'm just suggesting it.

This is one of those recipes that isn't really a recipe, and that's a good thing because I just came across this picture I had taken years ago and I thought it was cute (even though there is a lot of junk in the background of the picture) and I wanted to share. So no recipe for the cake / frosting, I'm just giving you how-to instructions for assembly.

Now, I don't bake cakes very often, and when I announced I was going to bake this one in the spur of the moment, I think everyone in the house thought I was crazy. What did we need a cake for? And more importantly, what did we need with a pumpkin looking cake?

What You Need:

1 Cake (chocolate, yellow, white, it doesn't matter) baked in a bundt pan
White Frosting (tinted orange)
Mini Chocolate Chips (don't try and use the regular sized ones like I did, as you can see they don't make as delicate of a design / they take up a lot of space)
Something green for the stem (I used a green plastic cup, but get creative)

What To Do:

~Bake you cake and let it cool completely.
~Tint the frosting
~Frost the bundt on a plate
~Use the mini chocolate chips to make your 'carvings' for eyes, mouth, etc.
~Place your 'stem' in the hole of the bundt.


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